Self-contained instrument for analyzing surface condition quickly and easily.

The Surface Analyst™ #SA1000 is a compact instrument used to measure the contact angle on surfaces, such as metals, polymers, composites and biological surfaces for following applications:

  • Printing / Painting / Coating
  • Cleaning / Decontamination
  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Sealing preparation

In 3 seconds, the Surface Analyst™ determines the wetting properties of a surface. The result is a number that correlates directly to cleanliness, treatment level and adhesion.

The Surface Analyst™ tests automatically. It has been engineered for shop floor use.  No sample preparation is needed as this testing method is not destructive. The Surface Analyst™ is accurate and easy to use. The user sets pass/fail limits, places the device on the surface of the object to be tested and press the “Go”-button. After 3 seconds measurement cycle the results of testing are presented on the LCD touchscreen and can also be uploaded as Excel formatted data via integrated USP port.

Properties of the Surface Analyst™ goniometer:

  • No sample preparation needed
  • Quick measurement (within 3 seconds)
  • Objective measurement results
  • LCD touchscreen operation
  • USB port for data upload
  • Integrated wireless Bar Code Scanner

Please order the Surface Analyst™ here or call:
Mr. Tim Smith, Phone: +1 905 816 2350.


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