• Leading in Sustainability & Productivity Improvements in Canmaking

    The development of UV technologies - a unique combination of materials formulation & curing equipment - represents the most significant advance in coating practice for many years.  (Whitepaper Actega April 2021).

    Leading in Sustainability & Productivity Improvements in Canmaking

  • Plasma Pretreatment for Extended Fields of Application

    Plasma technology is expanding the spectrum of applications for plastics and recyclates through targeted modification of surface properties. Plasmatreat GmbH covers the whole range of possible applications, as shown by industry examples (Kunststoffe International 2/2021).

    Plasma Pretreatment for Extended Fields of Application

  • How plasma treatment offers green, cost efficient preparation of plastics

    Surface treatment to prepare medical device components for printing or bonding may require complex cleaning methods or harmful chemicals. Plasma etching for improved adhesion, once limited to low-pressure chambers, is now available at atmospheric pressure. (MDO 2020, September)


    How Plasma Treatment offers green, cost effizient preparation of plastics

  • Global SMT & Packaging: Interview with Nico Coenen

    Plasmatreat is a company that produces plasma systems for a variety of different industries, but they´re moving further and further into the electronics field as applications grow. Global SMT & Packaging´s Editor-in-Chief, Trevor Galbraith interviewed Nico Coenen from Plasmatreat to discuss some of the more recent developments. (SMT June 2020)


  • Towards a new era in automotive engineering with plasma

    Pioneering plasma technologies from Plasmatreat are the key to progress in the automotive industry. They produce
    high-quality surfaces with selected characteristics, enable new material combinations and ensure environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. As such, they lay the foundations for high-tech innovative mobility and vehicle concepts such as lightweight engineering, autonomous driving and electromobility. Process-reliable, cost-effective and fully automated. (WOMAG 4, 2020)

    Towards a new era in automotive engineering with plasma

  • Floating planar mover simplifies transportation of sensitive workpieces

    Plasmatreat GmbH, a Steinhagen, Germany, based manufacturer of plasma systems for high-efficiency surface treatment and environment-friendly production processes, unveiled a new plasma treatment unit at the K 2019 trade show. A key innovation with this treatment unit is that it uses XPlanar, a planar motor system from Beckhoff, to transport workpieces with precision and flexibility. XPlanar replaces prior systems used to move often sensitive workpieces such as PCBs and eliminates the need to install complex 6-axis robots and linear motors.


    XPlanar transports workpiece during plasma surface treatment process

  • Plasma processes reduce costs in automotive manufacturing

    Automotive manufacturers can replace costly and time-consuming processes with plasma surface treatments. The technology facilitates the production of strongly bonded composite materials and new material combinations. (JOT 3/2020)

    Plasma processes reduce costs in automotive manufacturing

  • More Material Combinations, Lower Costs

    Increasing demands on component functionality and the need for efficient manufacturing processes are keeping multi-component injection molding squarely in the focus of plastics processing. Not all materials can be processed reliably in the desired combination. The new InMould Plasma process, which is fully integrated into the injection molding process, facilitates more-efficient production and paves the way for completely new material combinations. Kunststoffe (01/2020) reports in detail.


    More Material Combinations, Lower Costs

  • “Inactivation of bacterial endospores on surfaces by plasma processed air”

    Results of a research project together with researchers from Fraunhofer IVV (Freising) was recently published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology.

    The scientific publication demonstrates that a portable plasma system, developed by Plasmatreat, generates plasma processed air, which is able to efficiently disinfect surfaces. The Plasmatreat portable plasma system could be a promising alternative to manual decontamination with harmful disinfectants in case of biological hazards and pandemics, for personal protective equipment of rescue forces. In Addition, the current drawbacks regarding supply, handling and disposal of chemicals, could be overcome.


  • Adhesion as a safety factor

    When adhesion is not just functionally relevant, but also a matter of product safety, pretreating the material with plasma is often the only option to satisfy the high standards required. The DICHTUNGSTECHNIK JAHRBUCH 2020 (Yearbook of Sealing and Gasket Technologies 2020) describes in detail the use of Plasmatreat technologies for safety-relevant industrial adhesive and sealing processes.


    Adhesion as a safety factor


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