Plasma control unit for plasma nozzles

Industry 4.0-ready –  for digitalized manufacturing processes 
Reproducible process sequences, high system reliability, low manufacturing tolerances, robust standards of quality and data-supported automation – these specifications can only be achieved with targeted process control. Plasmatreat supports digitalized production processes and supplies the necessary system components with open, interoperable, flexible connections based on standardized state-of-the-art technologies.

The plasma control unit (PCU) is designed to control and monitor a plasma nozzle. Process data are transmitted via EtherCAT / CANopen: The PCU is connected to the generator via CANopen. Other cables are used for control purposes and to transfer energy to the plasma nozzle. The integrated transformer (HTR) provides the high-voltage requires to operate the nozzle.

Plasma Control Unit
Control unit for plasma nozzles: PCU and double PCU

Modular configuration

Modular configuration showing FG5002(S) or FG5005(S) generator and four PCUs to control the plasma nozzles

Each electronic assembly (PCU) can operate one stationary and one rotary nozzle. The double PCU is required to operate the double rotary nozzle. Up to four PCUs or two double PCUs can be connected in series, depending on the type and number of plasma nozzles required.

This allows a modular setup in which the individual plasma jet can still be operated and controlled separately (Plasma Switch Automatic - PSA).


PCU control and monitoring functions


  • Control of process gas flow (Flow Control Module - FCM)
  • Dynamic pressure measurement (Pressure Control Module - PCM)
  • Motor speed-current-voltage control (Rotation Control Module - RCM)
  • Optional: Plasma power control


  • Visual inspection of the plasma (Light Control Module - LCM)
  • Control of plasma power / measurement of HTR output (Plasma Power Measurement - PPM)
  • Control of flow of process gas to the nozzle (Flow Control Module - FCM)
  • Rotation monitoring (Rotation Control Module - RCM)
  • Dynamic pressure monitoring (Pressure Control Module - PCM)
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