Plasmatreat at Chinaplas 2021

Plasmatreat at Chinaplas 2021

The next face to face trade show leads Plasmatreat Shanghai to Chinaplas 2021 in Shanghai. The 34th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries will take place from April 13 to 16. Plasmatreat Shanghai, a subsidiary of Plasmatreat GmbH, based in Steinhagen, Germany, will show exciting and new highlights about its Openair-Plasma technology for surface treatment on its booth H21 in hall 10. The Openair-Plasma technology, with different treatment possibilities (activation, cleaning and coating), enables a perfect bonding between different combinations e.g. different plastics among each other or plastic with other materials like metal or glass and is already used in the automotive, medical, and building and construction industry. This technology is more environmentally friendly than the use of primers or bonding agents. Therefore, companies can reduce their VOC emissions with Openair-Plasma exploiting positive effects on their ecological footprint and on cost-efficiency.

Each plasma systems consists of three main components: a generator, a PCU (Plasma Control Unit for process and quality control) and a jet. Plasmatreat’s product portfolio varies from single plasma systems to complete PTUs (Plasma Treatment Units) which can be used inline in production processes, according to the specific customer’s needs.

On its booth H21 in hall 10, the company is going to show special plasma systems and components for surface pretreatment in the plastics industry. The visitors will see various jets, generators and PCUs, because for different applications different plasma systems/components can be used. The company will present their new PCU with different process and quality control modules. The various control modules combined in the PCU include, for example, the Plasma Power Module (PPM), which records power and voltage values directly at the jet head or the Light Control Module (LCM) which continuously detects the generation of the plasma. With these and other modules not only production data but also predictive maintenance data is continuously collected and supports smooth production. Plasmatreat can ensure that each product in a process is treated with the same plasma intensity and that the same quality is achieved in all production lines.

Moreover, the company will show a PTU1212 with a PlasmaPlus system. PlasmaPlus is a special atmospheric pressure plasma solution from Plasmatreat. Here a precursor gas is added to the plasma to create specific nano coating layers on the surface. By this the process windows of the substrate can be precisely enlarged to e.g. strengthen the bond between different kind of plastics, which could not be joint together without.


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