Removing conditioners and desizing with Openair® plasma – extremely efficient and environmentally responsible

High-performance manufacturing processes in the textile industry would be unthinkable without sizing. Sized fibers are silkier, more resistant, and have the best finish for withstanding the mechanical stresses of weaving and tufting, for example.

But this same sizing proves to be very detrimental to subsequent processing of the threads or fibers. Its hydrophobic quality makes wettability more difficult during the dyeing process and thus interferes with color bonding on the yarns and fibers.

During embedding in resin to make fiber-reinforced composites, high-quality bonding of the fiber to the resin is impossible without efficient removal of the size.

With its combination of physical, chemical and thermal effects, Openair® plasma technology provides the optimal process to efficiently remove sizing and conditioner from the yarn. And it does this without physically damaging the fibers and most importantly, in an environmentally responsible way.

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