The barrels of disposable syringes and needle attachments, both mass-produced items, consist of non-polar plastics. This represents a challenge for further processing and packaging with respect to bonding, imprinting and functionalization of the syringes.

Joining of stainless steel needles to polypropylene syringe barrels
Printed syringes
Plasma treatment of polyolefins for clear and sharp, scratch-proof print

Openair® plasma treatment provides a very simple and versatile solution.

  • Secure adhesion. Selective pre-treatment of needle hubs ensures secure adhesion of syringes and needles.
  • Optimal ink bonding. Prior to imprinting syringes, surface tension is increased using large-area plasma treatment of the non-polar plastic, which ensures secure adhesion of the printing ink.
  • Functional nano-coating. Coating the interior of the syringe with a PlasmaPlus® process ensures low-friction functioning of the syringe plunger.
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