Effective pre-treatment – Openair® Plasma for high-quality pad printing on sensitive operating displays

An attractive look and abrasion resistance are quality features in demand for control panels on washing machines, ovens, and other appliances. High-gloss white polypropylene components are used that will then be pad printed. Pre-treatment is required, however, to ensure that solvent-free ink will adhere securely to these non-polar plastics.

Conventional pre-treatment methods (such as corona or flame) are not much help in pre-treating high-gloss polypropylene (PP) because they generally result in thermal destruction of the gloss surface.

Openair® Plasma treatment offers the ideal solution; rotating plasma jets achieve high surface activation with the lowest possible thermal impact.

BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH

High-gloss polypropylene pretreatment before printing

Since 1999, the polypropylene handles of hand-held blenders have been pretreated with atmospheric plasma systems from Plasmatreat before pad printing at the BSH plant in Slovenia. This process ensures a flawless print image on high-gloss plastic that would otherwise make printing difficult.

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