Plasma treatment prior to bonding washing machine parts – door, drum, cover panel, counter weight

Openair® Plasma has a wide range of applications in the washing machine manufacturing process. From the joining of the all-polypropylene plastic parts involved in washing machine doors, through bonding plastic strips on composite panels, bonding metal to metal in drums, to the bonding of dynamically highly stressed counter weights made of polymer concrete – Openair® Plasma sets new standards in pre-treatment.

There are practically no limits to the possibilities offered by Openair® plasma pre-treatment since, when it’s combined with the right adhesives, highly durable joining can be achieved with almost any material.

Miele & Cie. KG

Quality assurance for tumble dryers using plasma

World-renowned German appliances manufacturer Miele demands the best in the adhesive behavior of seals for its heat pumps and condenser dryers. Treatment of plastic parts with Openair-Plasma® ensures a service life of at least 20 years for their dryers.

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