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Adhesion Improvement by Openair® plasma technology allows combinations of materials that until now used to fail because of reasons of adhesion
Source: KraussMaffei
In-Line application inside the injection mould: The Openair® plasma nozzle can be integrated directly into the user’s process.

Openair-Plasma® technology allows combinations of materials that until now used to fail because of reasons of adhesion. Krauss-Maffei as a leading manufacturer of plastics machines has been enabled by this innovative technology to make totally new applications accessible through the integration of the plasma process – e.g. in the two-component injection moulding processes. For our business, this technology is eligible for all material combinations where otherwise no sufficient adhesion can be attained.

Aside the technological advantages „adhesion bonding” and “reproducibility”, the economic aspect is of particular importance here: The plasma pre-treatment can be executed in-line. That was one of the decisive reasons for our choice of the Openair-Plasma® method, since such a solution had not been on the market before. In the future, this technology will be an essential system-constituent for the fabrication of material compounds and could play a big role in medical engineering.

For Krauss-Maffei, Plasmatreat’s high innovative ability is a decisive precondition for a partnership!

Dr. Ing. Erwin Bürkle
Director New Technologies
Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik GmbH

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