RD1004 Rotary nozzle: cold plasma – Ultrafine cleaning and plasma activation with low heat input

The RD1004 plasma rotary nozzle is used to generate cold plasma. This plasma nozzle is especially suited for thermally sensitive and geometrically complex surfaces and materials.

RD1004 Plasma nozzle

The patented rotary system evenly distributes the plasma effect on the materials to be treated. Here, the surface is swept several times briefly in a pulse-like manner, which is a very effective form of cleaning and activation – with very low heat input at the same time.

Examples of Plasma Rotary Nozzle PFW1004 Applications

  • EPDM and TPE profiles: inline profile treatment prior to bonding, flocking, and applying anti-friction coatings
  • Clearcoat treatment of nonpolar varnish in the automotive industry
  • PCBs: potential-free pretreatment prior to printing and overmolding
  • Home appliances, high-gloss polypropylene (PP): gentle pretreatment prior to pad printing
  • Custom applications requiring different outlet angles, such as large holes, grooves, etc.

Examples of Openair® plasma rotary nozzles with different outlet angles

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