Topic: Plasma Surface modification technology. Pretreatment in the packaging industry. Improved surface wettability. Surface treatment. Plasma treatment on plastic films.

High degree of activation means new options in manufacturing and processing plastic packaging

The packaging industry can no longer get by without physical surface pretreatment. It’s become a necessary step in extruding plastic films and using non-polar materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene and recycled materials.
Openair® Plasma is an especially effective tool in providing this pretreatment. Plasma treatment is a key surface modification technology that is critical to manufacturing cost-effective and environmentally responsible advanced composite materials.

Plasma treatment for plastic packaging is extremely effective:

  • Openair® Plasma surface modification technologies can achieve plastic activation at the highest level. It is not unusual to reach surface tensions of more than 72 mN/m.
  • Extremely long-lasting plasma activation increases storage life and facilitates subsequent processing up to 12 months later.
  • New material composites are only possible using targeted surface functionalization with Openair® Plasma.
  • Openair® Plasma treatment ensures targeted, exclusively single-sided surface pretreatment of plastic films.

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