CeraCon: The joy of foaming

 Picture: CeraCon
Pre-treatment on nonpolar plastics: “Openair” plasma provides reliable adhesion even on polypropylene.
The engineering and machine construction company CeraCon is considered today the leading manufacturer of single-component foaming installations on the European market.
The application of our foam sealing technology comprises, amongst others, the sealing of door locks and modules, floodlights and plug cases, up to free-standing amplifier cases for base stations.
Before CeraCon brought the “foamply” technology as a new single-component foaming technique onto the European market in 2001, we had been looking for globally available and accepted automation technology. Part of this was the search for a reliable and stable pre-treatment method for the component parts preceding the application of the foam seal. The task was obvious: the reliable adhesion of 1K-PUR foam on nonpolar plastics in fully automatic installations with very short cycle times was to be assured.
In order to reach this goal, different pre-treatment methods – corona, flaming by gas, use of primer, and Plasmatreat’s atmospheric plasma – were tested. Only the latter method met all requirements, and moreover, no additional external media were necessary. The high pre-treatment intensity of the “Openair” plasma facilitates very short cycle times for the components, yielding a significant rationalisation of the entire process.
The good cooperation with Plasmatreat has been lasting for several years now, and we are glad that we can still state that the two process-sure technologies “Openair” plasma and “Foamply” form an ideal combination!
Dr. Frank Kukla
Managing Partner
CeraCon GmbH


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